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CAP Month 2014

Here you'll find information and resources from the 2014 Child Abuse Prevention Month campaign. For information about the current year's campaign, see the News & Events page.


2014 campaign focuses on preventing neglect

The 2014 campaign focused on child neglect, and simple ways that community members can help prevent it. The slogan was “Kids Grow Strong in Caring Communities.”

Neglect is common: the most common form of child maltreatment both locally and nationwide. Neglect is stubborn: rates of neglect have remained high even as other types of maltreatment have decreased. And neglect is serious: it can change a child’s brain development, limiting his or her chances for success in school and life.

To help our CAPC member agencies take the message to the public, we developed and mass-produced a colorful poster in English and Spanish—used in agency lobbies, at public events, and in digital form on member social media pages. We also developed a tip sheet to hand out to the public, and key messages that member agencies could use when explaining the issues to the public or the press. The Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors passed a resolution recognizing CAP Month and the issues behind it. And our own Barbara Finch was featured in a lengthy Spanish-language feature on the subject in SB Latino Magazine.

To educate human services professionals on the topic, we worked with our community partners in the Perinatal Mental Health & Substance Use Coalition to hold a Maternal Mental Health and Child Safety conference on April 25 in Santa Barbara (flyer). Attendees—including about 100 nurses, social workers, therapists and other professionals—learned about maternal mental health issues and how they relate to neglect; and then formed moderated breakout groups to develop local solutions (findings).

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