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  • Mandated Reporter training

  • Prevention Academies

  • Training events & webinars

Training: History

Mandated Reporter Training

CAPC offers training for Mandated Reporters of child abuse and neglect. This training includes information on California reporting laws, defining child abuse and neglect, identifying indicators of various types of abuse, how and where to report, liability and safeguards for reporters, what happens after a report is made, and how to help prevent child abuse and neglect.

CAPC offers other trainings and educational opportunities by request and through collaboration with our member agencies.

If you are interested in discussing training opportunities or scheduling a training for your organization, please contact us.


Prevention Academies

CAPC is no longer holding regularly-scheduled large-group Child Abuse Prevention Academies. However, in the near future this site will offer materials archived from previous Academies. If you are interested in discussing training opportunities, or need a specific item from a past Academy, please contact us.

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Training Events & Webinars

CAPC will occasionally announce or participate in other training events or webinars. Upcoming events, if any, can be found on the News & Events page.

Training: Our Programs
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