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Your tax-deductible donation will help make a difference in the lives of Santa Barbara County families. Your contribution will protect children, nurture families and strengthen communities by funding the many prevention services our member agencies provide.

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Why your gift matters

Child abuse and neglect can be prevented if we, as a community, invest in:

  • Nurturing families through parent and child development education and support in meeting their basic needs;

  • Protecting children from harm by making sure they are surrounded by nurturing caregivers and other supportive adults; and

  • Building our communities so that families can get help and children have safe places to learn and grow.

You make the difference

Every dollar donated directly benefits a family in need. Your contribution can:

  • Help a child be born healthy, because a home-visitor referred the mother in time to pre-natal care.

  • Help a mother nurture and bond with her baby because she got help for her post-partum depression.

  • Help stressed parents find a safe place to get advice and resources that help them cope.

  • Teach a child care provider what to do when he or she suspects abuse.

  • Help a father learn how to play, nurture and teach his child with special needs.

  • Provide a safe home for a single mother and her children, helping end a family’s cycle of substance abuse or domestic violence.

Where does my money go?

The Santa Barbara County Children’s Trust Fund is distributed among qualifying local organizations and non-profits that collaborate in the prevention of child abuse and neglect. Participating organizations provide services that strengthen families at risk, such as counseling, in-home parent education and access to substance abuse treatment. They also provide services that help parents find housing, food, health care and affordable child care. All of our members are committed to providing high-quality, evidence-supported services that are known to prevent child abuse and neglect.

A small portion of the trust fund is used for providing education and resources to professionals working with families, such as Mandated Reporter presentations for child care providers, and for our parent-to-parent outreach.

Please help support the prevention of child abuse and neglect by clicking the “Donate” button to make an online donation, or by sending a check payable to: Santa Barbara County Children’s Trust, c/o KIDS Network, 2125 S Centerpointe Parkway, Santa Maria, CA 93455. You will receive a donation receipt confirming your contribution.

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