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Recreation Master Plan Survey

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month, and each week we're focusing on a different parenting Stress Buster strategy. This week's theme is Time in Nature.

What do you like to do for outdoor recreation? Sports, bicycling, hiking? Visiting a park, having a barbecue, relaxing at the beach with friends?

Planning for the Santa Barbara Countywide Recreation Master Plan is underway, and they want to hear from you! Share your thoughts in this Recreation Needs Survey, and then pass it on. And if you have children, please consider this quick Kids Survey too (4 questions).

The Recreation Master Plan project will provide a strategic planning program for parks, trails, campgrounds, and recreation facilities throughout Santa Barbara County. The Recreation Master Plan will assess existing facilities, address unmet recreation needs, identify recreation improvements in communities throughout Santa Barbara County, and foster coordination and cooperation between the County, cities, agencies, and non-profit and private recreation service providers in Santa Barbara County.

The survey is just the first of many opportunities to get involved in the Recreation Master Plan. There will be several ways to participate and stay involved. Check out the plan's website for project updates and public outreach events.

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