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Talking ACEs at Vandenberg AFB

On April 17 at Vandenberg Air Force Base we held a screening of the film RESILIENCE, followed by a discussion about Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). It was a great group: 38 people, most in uniform, including their pediatrician, members of their health and behavioral health care teams, First Sergeants who are the first line of support for enlisted airmen and women, and members of their Family Advocacy Team.

We did the ACEs Survey and 52% had 4 or more ACEs! We talked about military values that promote resilience and they mentioned loyalty, camaraderie, respect, and a sense of family. Attendees also talked about building trusting relationships and making it okay to ask for help, so that more families take advantage of the many resources that the base provides.

The stresses military families face are unique and persistent, and the group was eager to find new ways of assessing the impacts and supporting the children, youth and families. If you’re facing similar stresses or helping others who are, check out these tip sheets on ways to build strength in families, build resilience in children, and support military families.

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